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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Fun time at Buckley Night

Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge held its annual ‘Buckley Night’ on Thursday (Feb. 7).

Wor. Bro. Simon Browning said: “

Welcome to Buckley Night 2019.

‘Buckley Night’ is an annual celebration of the link between this Lodge and Ivanhoe Grammar School.

That link has been a continuous one for 73 years, since July 1946, when this Lodge was consecrated at this location.

RWor. Bro. Wayne Smith, RWor. Bro. Geoffrey Davey, Wor. Bro. Lt Col. David Waugh, VWor. Bro. Len Jinnette (obscured) and Wor. Bro. Charlie Freedman

‘Buckley Night’ is named after the Reverend Sydney Buckley, who founded Ivanhoe Grammar School in 1915, and who was also one of the Foundation Members of Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge in 1946.

Sydney Buckley and his brothers were members of the Eaglemont Lodge in the 1920s, and Eaglemont was the ‘Mother Lodge’ of Ivanhoe Grammarians.

We often remind ourselves that we are not the ‘Ivanhoe Lodge’, but the ‘Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge’. We are very proud of our link with the School, and the tradition that accompanies it.

VWor. Bro. Len Jinnette, Wor. Bro. Rahim Samat, and MWor. Bro. Vaughan Werner

The Lodge is made up of members from many backgrounds – with almost half having no formal past connection with Ivanhoe Grammar School. Both the School and the Lodge continue to widen their reach in the community.

Some years ago, the Reverend Peter Holloway – Ivanhoe Grammar School Masonic Scholarship was established. The late Peter Holloway was a teenage lad from Bairnsdale, who was able to attend Ivanhoe on a scholarship in the 1930s.

The original Scholarship idea – promoted by the late Max Fraser – was for the Lodge to provide a small amount of money annually – for the Principal to have in his top right-hand drawer, to be able to give to needy students for school projects such as excursion or books, if their family had met with an uexpected financial reverse.

Cr Peter Castaldi and Wor. Bro. Haydn Gregson

The idea grew – and with the backing of the Freemasons Foundation Victoria – much more was given. The Lodge and Foundation partnered with the School for some years to provide a scholarship to a student who would not otherwise have had an opportunity to go to Ivanhoe.

Times change, and this year we making alterations to this scholarship. This year, the Lodge and the Foundation are combining to present a cheque for $10,000 to establish a perpetual award that each year recognises the charitable work of two students at the School’s new middle years campus at La Trobe University.

Charity is one of the cornerstones of Freemasonry. The Freemasons Foundation gives more than $2 million annually in Victoria to charitable projects. Our members work hard on projects such as the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, and many other causes. Later, I will speak about our annual giving to another project, the Banyule Children’s Gift Appeal.

In coming years, this Lodge’s members will continue to widen their charity work more widely across the other schools in the Banyule municipality. Over the past few years, a number of bursaries of $250 and $500 have been offered to needy students at the other 33 schools in the Banyule municipality.

Much good has been done, with funding for trips, equipment, uniforms, and lap-top computers for needy students. It reflects well on the Lodge and the School, for us to be looking beyond our own backyard. An example of this charity is several years ago, when the Lodge donated more than 20 modern bikes for an after-school program for disadvantaged teenagers at Bundoora Secondary College.

But tonight’s first presentation is about Ivanhoe Grammar School. The Principal of Ivanhoe Grammar School, Mr Gerard Foley, was booked to attend a Year 7 New Parents’ Night, but he has made his way especially to the Ivalda Masonic Centre tonight to accept our presentation, and to tell us about the School, whose name is included in this Lodge’s title.

(Second presentation)

Some years ago, a favourite charity of this Lodge was the ‘Toys For Tots’ appeal. Its champion was the late Max Fraser. We are so pleased that Max’s widow, Val Fraser, can be with us tonight.

‘Toys for Tots’ was simple. At Christmas-time each year, Lodge members brought along wrapped gifts for disadvanted boys and girls in the Banyule municipality. Dozens of gifts every year were then handed out to local children, who needed support most. It brought joy to many local families.

Wor. Bro. Simon Browning (Worshipful Master, Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge) with Judy Thompson (Executive Officer, Diamond Valley Community Support)

‘Toys For Tots’ grew into the Banyule Children’s Gift Appeal. The Council, in partnership with Diamond Valley Community Support, has widened the appeal to not only distribute gifts, but also gift cards for needy teenagers across the area.

Just before Christmas, this Lodge combined with the members of the Admiral Collingwood Lodge, which also meets in this building, to hold a Dinner Ball, at which $800 was raised for the Appeal.

As well as toys, this Lodge – together with Freemasons Foundation Victoria – has combined to give a further $5000 towards the Banyule Children’s Gift Appeal via Diamond Valley Community Support. We are pleased to have with us tonight, Judy Thompson, Executive Officer of Diamond Valley City Support. Welcome Judy.

We also have Councillor Peter Castaldo, representing the Banyule City Council, and representing its Mayor, Cr Wayne Phillips. Councillor Castaldo is a former student of Rosanna Primary School … and Ivanhoe Grammar School. We welcome him to his first Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge meeting.

I would ask Judy Thompson and Cr Peter Castaldo to come forward to receive our presentation of $5800 to the Banyule Children’s Gift Appeal.

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