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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Brother on mend from COVID-19

Lodge members across northern suburbs Melbourne would be aware of Bro. David Buckley who made a number of visits over recent years.

Bro. David, in a note this morning (Tues.) to Wor. Bro. Rahim Samat, tells of Coronavirus in the UK: Dear Bro Rahim:

“Like you UGLE has shutdown until further notice. I was hospitalized with breathing difficulties and diagnosed with COVID 19 three weeks ago but fortunately have been released since and am isolated and recovering alone in my home.

“While I have not been very well with this virus I thank God that I have been spared what others have suffered.

“While I was on ventilation for some time I have recovered sufficiently to be discharged home. Sadly, so far, 3 of my Masonic friends have died from this virus – one, in particular a man of such great heart and soul that we can be certain Heaven is better for his presence.”

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