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Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge is a group of men who meet once-a-month. You do not have to have any connection with Ivanhoe Grammar School to become a member.


MWor. Bro. Vaughan Werner and Wor. Bro. Wayne Motton enjoy a speech during refreshments in the ‘South’ at the Ivalda Masonic Centre.

We set out to be happy in each other’s company . Our monthly meetings comprise ‘work’ (lessons/ritual) in the Lodge Room, followed by refreshments (usually a catered meal and drinks of your choice) afterwards.

We also meet monthly for ‘rehearsals’ of our Lodge Room work. We also have a number of social events throughout the year, and these often include wives/partners, and family members.

Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge carries out charitable works including scholarships and bursaries to students at a number of schools, private and state, throughout Melbourne’s north-east suburbs. We also support a number of charitable organisations including the Banyule Children’s Gift Appeal (Toys For Tots), Zero Bullying, Epworth Foundation, Men’s Health and Cottages By The Sea. As well as private donation from members (according only to your own means), we conduct fundraising in the community with activities such as Bunnings barbecues.

We are part of Freemasons Victoria (the United Grand Lodge of Antient and Accepted Masons of Victoria). Freemasonry has been around for more than 300 years.

As at August 2018, annual fees are $390 per year each, which includes annual affiliation fees with Freemasons Victoria (Grand Lodge). There is also a $250 joining fee. Members wear dinner suits (‘black tie’) to monthly meetings, and wear regalia which they purchase privately.

Joining Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge, and Freemasonry, is not an automatic process. There are forms to complete, where you agree to certain terms and conditions. We only accept men of good character, so four referees are sought. You will be invited to an interview with our Membership Committee. You will need to have a proposer and seconder (members of Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge). If you do not have a proposer and/or seconder, we will require a Victoria Police check.

A Freemason is a man 18 years or older, dedicated to his own self development and the improvement and support of his community. If you are committed to making a real improvement in the lives of people who need your help and expect nothing less than excellence of yourself then you are openly invited to make contact with us and join Freemasonry.

Freemasons are encouraged to believe in the practice of a high moral standard and are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles of the organisation.

Freemasons believe in:
• equality, acceptance and understanding
• charity and contributing to the wider community
• education, self development and improvement
• and a commitment to honourable personal conduct.

Freemasons and their families are law abiding citizens who enjoy the friendship and sense of belonging offered by community of like minded individuals.

Freemasons acknowledge the existence of a fundamentally unifying principle underlying the universe. The specifics of this belief are considered a personal matter for each individual Freemason.

Contact Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge Secretary Ash Long – sec@iglodge.com.au – or phone 1800 231 311 or 0450 399 932.

• Application by Membership

• Application by Proposer

• Application by Seconder

• Declaration by Candidate